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Business Packages

FTTP Business 330

Up to 330 Mbps download Speed Up to 50 Mbps download Speed Static IP Adress Unlimited data usage Full Fiber Solution  12 Months Contract  Setup Fees : £ 59 Monthly Charges £ 79
Speed 330Mbps
50MbpsTypical Download Speed
£79 Month

1 Gbps Dedicated

Dedicated leased Line Fibre Internet Connection Symmetrical 1,000 Mbps upload/ 1,000 Mbps download  Guaranteed Network availability 99.97% 24x7 Monitoring  Unlimited Data Usage with no restrictions  No Hidden cost Fixed Firm Monthly Cost No Setup Fees Perfect For any type of business  Dedicated Rout to the Internet with the best Performance  IP Addresses Assignment
Speed 1000Mbps
1000MbpsTypical Download Speed
1000MbpsTypical Download Speed
£500 Month