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Why Next Vision Broadband

Get ready for more potential, more opportunity and more of everything you expect from Next Vision.
We’re bring the best FTTP broadband service to our customers.

Call Centre

– We are available 24×7.

– If you face any problem our customer service time and Engineers will will be online with you to solve the problem


– 99% Network Reliability

– Fast Speed even during the peak times

– The most advanced Wifi Technology

No Price Raise

– Fixed Price Contract as long you are with us

– Old customers will have the advantages on the new services and bundles

Video & TV Streaming

With FTTP , video streaming of most content will usually run as smoothly as live TV any time even if you are streaming at the peak time when demand for bandwidth is very high, or others in your house might also be streaming HD content.

For those who stream video from online sources, the speed at which data can be sent into their home is critical. If your connection isn’t fast enough, streaming video can sometimes stall as it fills the buffer in the receiving device.

What many refer to as “Internet speed” is actually the bandwidth available to accept data from the Internet into your home. Measured in megabits per second (Mbps), it’s the amount of data that can be transferred from “the cloud” to your connected devices in one second.

Online Gaming

least delay time possible for traffic being sent from console to console, providing a flawless internet connection for our FTTP users. So if you are inside massive multiplayer Online Battle Arenas or a casual player .

This affiliation is the first of its kind, so you will never miss any millisecond during the game.

Very high speed internet connection with quick interaction of sending and receiving data within milliseconds

Best Wifi

Blanket your home with wireless wifi coverage, which is very much consistent throughout your home.

No matter how many people are using the internet at the same time even with multiple heavy bandwidth users streaming videos or movies or downloading large files.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The distance from the exchange to the cabinet does not affect ibre speeds it is the distance from the cabinet to your property that matters Fibre access gives customers the bandwidth they pay for, because the optical cable does not impose

physical restrictions on the speed that can be achieved – unlike copper telephone cables.

Benefits of Next Vision Internet.

Super Fast

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Super-Fast Speeds

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