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Internet Connection

Our Fibre broadband service is broadband only service, which means that our customers doesn’t need the landline phone and its associated additional monthly rental cost. The Fibre broadband is the best technology to provide broadband services where the distance from the exchange has no impact on the download/upload speed and there’s no expected noise like the copper network

Your Account

Once you subscribe with us, you will get access to you online accounts. So you will have access to My Account ( ) and you can view your invoices, payments , notes,..etc Also you will have access to the desk account where you can open Ticket and our team will track your case


We are sending the Bills on monthly basis via email, and the customer shall manage his/here online billing account on our portal is totally the customer responsibility including the customer contact details, email, login details, etc. and the customer remains fully responsible to make the payment on time of the bills sent via email. the customer shall inform us immediately about any changes of his contact details, address or failure to access his online e-billing account.


If the customer thinks that his charges are wrong or the bill received included wrong amount or service, then the customer should inform us immediately to investigate the problem and solve the problem. Any un disputed amount shall be paid on time.


The company will send the customer a monthly bill in advance for each calendar month which will include the monthly service fees plus any additional equipment’s, new services or upgrades added. Payments could be made through, direct debit, direct bank transfer or online payment through our portal. and in case the direct debt is cancelled or the payment is not received then company shall send a reminder to the customer. The customer shall make the payment of the due bill/s on the due date as shown in the bill. an interest rate might be applied for the late payment. if we did not receive the payment by the due date, the service may be suspended and the customer will incur the cost of the debt recovery service after the reminder/s sent to the customer

Tv Package

Our customers has the privilege to subscribe to our TV package which include

  • Amazon Prime Services
  • Premier Sports
  • More than 200 Free channels
  • Rich Library of Movies online to watch any time